Aqualens fountain in Melbourne Beach, Florida
This is a wonderful setting for my Aqualens in Melbourne Beach, Florida. It is about 8 years old and looks as gorgeous as ever.   
Garden in Los Angeles – Overflow fountain
This is a garden in Los Angeles. They wanted it raised quite high with an overflow. It is a 36 inch, 1 meter sphere in a 4 foot, 1.2 meter dish.
Aqualens in a Denver, Colorado garden
Spring is here! It's always nice to hear back from clients and receive photos from different seasons. This is an Aqualens located in Denver, Colorado. "Here are a few pictures of the fountain. Looks fantastic. Thank you!"
Aqualens Sphere Fountain in Singapore
This wonderful setting is in Singapore. These clients had to leave this Aqualens Sphere Fountain behind when they sold their house and ordered a new one for their new home in Jersey UK. They have said they can’t live without one which was such a compliment!
Aqualens in the Snow
I love getting such lovely feedback from my clients... "Can I just add that we inherited the Aqualens when we purchased the property in 2009 and we absolutely love it! It fits so well with our property." - Donna
A garden in Japan, designed by Allen Titchmarsh
A garden in Japan designed by Allen Titchmarsh 2001
Aqualenses in Los Angeles, California
Isn’t this a stunning project for a client in LA. Doesn’t it have such a Californian feel to it? Elegant and innovative.
Aqualens in Rosebank, Johannesberg
This is an office in Rosebank, Johannesburg - Thompsons Travel, South Africa. I love the thought that I have these Aqualenses almost all over the world bring beauty and harmony.
Steel Eye in Palo Alto, CA
The below is from a client in Palo Alto, CA... "I came across this photo of our Eye and thought of you,  We always have lots of people sitting in it : ) though usually at night and around a party! I will take some pics when the garden/trees around it are in bloom this spring and send on to you."  
Spiral, Our Journey Home
Spiral represents our journey #home or getting to our central #core. It’s a universal image that #mirrors, literally, the pathway.
Oman, shopping mall – Al Kuwair, Sultanate of Oman
This is a great project that I am working on for a shopping mall in Oman. The wedding cake base really sets it off and gives it a sumptuous presence.
Aqualens for Scottsdale, AZ Courtyard
This absolutely stunning setting for my Aqualens is for Salcito Custom Homes in Scottsdale, Arizona. They really have made it the main focal point for their courtyard.