All fountains and sculptures are manufactured in the USA and UK


AquaLens, 4-foot or 1.2-meter diameter dish £5,200 $8,900
AquaLens, 5-foot or 1.5-meter diameter dish £5,800 $9,550
AquaLens, 6-foot or 2-meter diameter dish £7,490 $13,740
AquaLens, No Dish, Sphere/Platform/Pump Only £3,900 $7,500
AquaSphere, 4.75-foot or 1.485-meter square pool £6,800 $10,900
Steel Eye, 6.5-foot or 2m-meter in diameter £25,900 $39,500
TeePee, 6.5-feet or 2m-meter high on 5-foot or 1.5-meter base £10,500 $20,500
TeePee Fountain, 6.5-feet or 2-meter high on 5-foot or 1.5-meter base £11,500 $26,500
Double Cs, each ‘C’ is 6-feet or 1.8-meter high x 5 feet or 1.5-meter diameter £5,000 $9,900
Obelisk, 6.5-feet or 2-meter tall £4,500 $9,500
Poles, 10 x 10-foot or 3-meter long cylinders £5,200 $9,200
UK Pricing does not include VAT