All fountains and sculptures are manufactured in the USA and UK

AquaLens, 60cm/2ft sphere in 4-foot or 1.2-meter diameter dish$9,800£5,800
AquaLens, 60cm/2ft sphere in 5-foot or 1.5-meter diameter dish$10,700£6,300
AquaLens, 60cm/2ft sphere in 6-foot or 2-meter diameter dish$14,600£7,900
AquaLens, 2ft sphere/platform/pump only (no dish)$8,100£4,200
AquaSphere, 60cm/2ft sphere in 4.75-foot or 1.485-meter square pool$15,800£7,400
AquaLens, 30in/76cm sphere in 6ft/2m dish$25,600
AquaLens, 36in/90cm sphere in 6ft/2m dish$27,800
AquaLens, 40in/1m sphere in 6ft/2m dish$35,700
AquaLens, 48in/1.2m sphere in 6ft/2m dish$42,800
AquaLens, 30in/76cm sphere in 8ft/2.4m dish$39,800
AquaLens, 36in/90cm sphere in 8ft/2.4m dish$42,700
AquaLens, 40in/1m sphere in 8ft/2.4m dish$45,600
AquaLens, 48in/1.2m sphere in 8ft/2.4m dish$55,700
AquaLens, 60in/1.5m sphere in 8ft/2.4m dish$68,400
UK Pricing does not include VAT

Internal fitted light not included in above listed prices. Light is an additional £250 for UK and $500 for US prices.

Sculpture Pricing

Steel Eye, 6.5-foot or 2m-meter in diameter$38,100£28,500
TeePee, 6.5-feet or 2m-meter high on 5-foot or 1.5-meter baseAvailable on Request
TeePee Fountain, 6.5-feet or 2-meter high on 5-foot or 1.5-meter baseAvailable on Request
Double Cs, each ‘C’ is 6-feet or 1.8-meter high x 5 feet or 1.5-meter diameterAvailable on Request
Obelisk, 6.5-feet or 2-meter tallAvailable on Request
Poles, 10 x 10-foot or 3-meter long cylindersAvailable on Request
Concentric Circles 8-feet tallAvailable on Request
UK Pricing does not include VAT