The now famous water feature – Aqualens – was designed by Allison in 1999, as the centrepiece of a show garden at the 2000 Chelsea Flower Show, where she won a silver medal on her debut for “Garden of Reflections”.

It makes a fantastic addition to any garden, big or small, urban or rural and works throughout the year, including freezing conditions. Part water feature, part artwork; please scroll through some of the photos shown here.


This fountain is a 2 foot (60cm) sphere, filled and overflowing with water from a concealed pump. Aqualens sets this on a circular stainless steel platform, which in turn is set in a 1.5metre (5 feet) diameter stainless steel dish. The dish can be dug into a lawn, or set on a terrace or other firm level surface (the pool has a fitted collar so it sits level).


The 2 standard sizes are 5 (1.5) and 6 foot (2 meter) but I can make any size dish and sphere and customize it in a variety of ways. It can also be made to overflow into another pool.

Operation and maintenance

The Aqualens water feature is easy to install and straightforward to maintain. It comes fully assembled, just fill with water and plug in the lead for the electric pump. Click here to view the installation and maintenance document.

Fountains come fully assembled and complete with everything you need.