Artist’s Ethos

Keats’s lines in Ode to a Grecian Urn expresses my guiding principle:

“Beauty is truth and truth is beauty, — that is all ye know, and all ye need to know.”

My art excites the environment of the space it occupies, reflecting the beauty of the world around it. I like to defy the reality we exist in – our day-to-day lives, the norm, the mundane – by creating anarchistic pieces that use geometry, steel, light, and water to create an escape for the viewer. They shapeshift the reality that they stand in and bear witness to the fact that humans can overcome their obstacles by looking outside conventional solutions

The geometric angles in each piece mean that you are never quite sure what you are looking at. Sunshine, clouds, rain and moonlight are constantly transforming my sculptures, creating unique experiences for each viewer, each second of every day. My use of pure geometry is an expression and belief that perfection does exist, as does the absolute, however ephemeral it may be.

My art is my attempt to bring truth into this world, through creating something beautiful for people to reflect on.