Installation Instructions & Specifications

AquaLens and AquaSphere Installation & Maintenance Guide

AquaLens and AquaSphere are individually-produced garden artwork fountains, which we hope you enjoy. Care should be taken with its use, as it involves electrics, water, and sharp, hard and hard-edged surfaces and components.

Installation Instructions

  • The Aqualens Sphere Fountain arrives fully assembled complete with everything you need.
  • Just unwrap and place on a solid level surface.
  • Peel off protective layer on the plate under the sphere.
  • Solid level surface must be a minimum of 26 inches/ 65 cm in diameter.
  • Place the sphere in the channel and fill the base with a hose.
  • When the dish is full, turn on the pump and continue to fill until both the sphere and fountain are full.
  • Please keep pump on and running 24/7
  • Any bubbles that accrue can be dissipated with a squirt of rinse aid (product used in dishwashers).
  • It is essential that you keep it free of algae with the use of chlorine tablets.
  • Only use 1-inch chlorine tablets for hot tubs: Keep at least 3 in the standard-size fountain at any given time, preferably in a tupperware dish, hidden under the platform. Use About 5 tablets for the larger fountains.
  • The sphere should be crystal clear at all times.
  • The sphere should be removed and taken inside if there is no water in it, as direct sunlight without water may damage the sphere.

Fountain Specifications:

Dish is constructed of 316 marine grade stainless steel

Sphere is constructed UV-protected acrylic


Should you need to clean the aqualens, just turn it off and drain it down. It can be cleaned with dish soap and sponge or soft cloth. Never use anything that might scratch it.

Maintenance Parts:

UK Market Parts:

PumpOase Aquarius Universal 2000 →
Cable Lenght for Universal 2000 Pump – 10m

LED Light – LunAqua 3 LED Set 1 →

Halogen Bulb20 Watt Halogen Bulb →
(Discontinued in production Fall 2019)

Cable Glands – Lapp M16 Grey Polyamide, IP69K Cable Gland with Locknut

US Market Parts:

PumpLittle Giant S320 Circulating Pump →
335-GPH @ 1-foot
20-foot Cord

Pump for Larger SpheresLittle Giant S580 & Little Giant S900
740-GPH @ 1-foot
20-foot Cord

LED LightAquascape Submersible LED Light →
Cord length: 14.5 Feet
Transformer Required – Sold Separately

Transformer (Required for Light) – Aquascape 98375 →

Waterproof Connectors – 3M Heat Shrink Tubing (EPS-200 Dual Wall  Adhesive Lined Polyolefin Meltable Inner Wall) 1/2″ (12.7mm)

General Care

We know from experience that AquaLens and AquaSphere work in a variety of conditions in many countries. However, please note the following:

  • The pump will suffer if the water level falls below the top of its inlet, or the pump inlet becomes blocked.
  • Water may evaporate during hot conditions.
  • When the Aqualens is full and running, it is fine in windy conditions. If it is turned off and empty, the sphere needs to be brought inside as it could
    then be blown off in the wind.
  • In freezing (moderate) conditions keep the pump running since the water movement inhibits freezing.
  • Ice sometimes forms on the outside of the sphere (rather nice ice sculptures) but take care if the ice causes the water level to fall below the pump inlet.
  • If the weather is really cold turn off and drain down.
  • AquaLens and AquaSphere have hard surfaces and edges, so appropriate care needs to be taken to avoid accidental injury.
  • Replacement pumps and lights are available from garden and electrical suppliers, and can be fitted by a competent person, contact us if you have difficulty, or require further information.
  • The light is easily accessible from the underside of the platform, which may be unscrewed

Refill Instructions

  1. Fill the pool with water, and once the water is above the top of the pump unit, turn on the pump power. This will allow the water to be pumped into the sphere.
  2. Continue filling the dish until the sphere is full and water flowing down the outside.
  3. Top up the water in the pool to the desired level (we recommend a water level just above or just below the platform).