Specifications & Parts

Fountain Specifications:

Dish is constructed of 316 marine grade stainless steel

Sphere is constructed UV-protected acrylic

UK Cable Lengths:

  • Universal 2000 Pump – 10m
  • Lunaqua Power LED Single light – 3m to transformer + 5m to light
  • Lunaqua 3 Set 1 – 2m to transformer + 5m to light


Aqualens Sphere Fountain must be mounted on a solid level surface 26 inches/ 65 cm in diameter.

Each Fountain arrives fully assembled complete with everything you need. Just unwrap the fountain and place on solid level surface then fill the fountain with water from a hose.

The water recirculates through the fountain.

To maintain water clarity and pump function you’ll need to use 2.5 cm UK/ 1-inch US chlorine tablets.

UK Market Parts:

PumpOase Aquarius Universal 2000 →

Halogen LightLunAqua 3 Lights →

Halogen Bulb20 Watt Halogen Bulb →

LED LightLunAqua Power LED Light →

Chlorine Mini TabsSoChlor Chlorine Tablets →

US Market Parts:

PumpCalvert S225T Circulating Pump →

LED LightAquascape Submersible LED Light →

Chlorine Mini TabsKem-Tek 1-inch Mini Tabs →