Specifications & Parts

Fountain Specifications:

Dish is constructed of 316 marine grade stainless steel, which won’t rust in your lifetime or your grandchildren’s.

Sphere is constructed UV-protected acrylic

Weight of Aqualens (without water):

4ft/1.2m = 145lbs/65kg
5ft/1.5m = 197lbs/89kg
6ft/2m = 283lbs/128kg

UK Cable Lengths:

  • Universal 2000 Pump – 10m
  • Lunaqua 3 Set 1 – 2m to transformer + 5m to light

US Cable Lengths:

  • Little Giant S320 Pump – 20ft
  • Aquascape LED light – 14.5ft


Each Fountain arrives fully assembled complete with everything you need. Just unwrap the fountain and place on solid level surface then fill the fountain with water from a hose.

The water recirculates through the fountain; it is all self contained.

Aqualens Sphere Fountain must be mounted on a solid level surface 26 inches/ 65 cm in diameter.

To maintain water clarity and pump function you’ll need to use 1-inch chlorine tablets for hot tubs. Keep at least 3 in the standard-size fountain at any given time. Use About 5 tablets for the larger fountains.

The sphere should be removed and taken inside if there is no water in it, as direct sunlight without water may damage the sphere.

Click here for complete installation and maintenance guide.

UK Market Parts:

PumpOase Aquarius Universal 2000 →

LED LightLunAqua 3 LED Set 1 →

Cable Glands – Lapp M16 Grey Polyamide, IP69K Cable Gland with Locknut

US Market Parts:

PumpLittle Giant S320 →

LED LightAquascape Submersible LED Light →
(LED light will not replace light fixtures in pieces produced before 2017)
(Old Halogen light was discontinued in 2017)

Transformer (Required for Light) – Aquascape 98375 →

Waterproof Connectors (go around electric cables) – 3M Heat Shrink Tubing (EPS-200 Dual Wall  Adhesive Lined Polyolefin Meltable Inner Wall) 1/2″ (12.7mm)

Chlorine Mini Tabs1-inch Mini Tabs →

UK Aqualens Measurements:

1.2m Aqualens Total Height = 86cm
1.2m Collar(Base) = 47.5cm diameter/60mm height

1.5m Aqualens Total Height = 90cm
1.5m Collar(Base) = 50cm diameter/ 60mm height

2m Aqualens Total Height = 94cm
2m Collar(Base) = 60cm diameter/ 80mm height

US Aqualens Measurements:

4ft Aqualens Total Height = 33in
4ft Collar(Base) = 24in diameter / 2in high

5ft Aqualens Total Height = 35in
5ft Collar(Base) = 24in diameter / 2in high

6ft Aqualens Total Height = 36in
6ft Collar(Base) = 24in diameter / 2in high