Glass Sphere Fountains and Glass Ball Fountains


When it comes to water fountains and water features, glass isn’t all that it’s ‘cracked up’ to be. That’s why I make all of my fountains using either free-blown or bonded acrylic spheres. Acrylic has nearly the same optical qualities as glass while being less expensive, lighter-weight (so less to ship), stronger, and less fragile.

Take a look at some of the photos on my fountain page, and I think you’ll agree that acrylic spheres look every big as good as glass spheres. Click here to view more photos


Benefits of Acrylic vs. Glass:

  • Acrylic is stronger than glass while also being as much as 4x lighter
  • It’s less expensive to form large acrylic spheres than large glass spheres
  • As Acrylic weighs less it also costs less to ship
  • Acrylic is more easily scratched than glass, however it’s much easier to remove scratches from acrylic (there are many polishing kits available)
  • Impacts that only scratch acrylic are likely to break glass. Replacing a large glass sphere would be VERY expensive. Polishing a scratch out of acrylic is inexpensive


Every water feature and water fountain on this site is constructed using an acrylic sphere – not a glass sphere. I think the pictures speak for themselves!

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