Aqualens Sphere Fountains and Ball Fountains

Aqualens Sphere Fountains

Allison Armour constructed and displayed her first Aqualens Sphere Fountain as the centerpiece of her award-winning “garden of reflection” at the 2000 Chelsea Garden Show. Since then, Allison has sold and installed sphere fountains at restaurants, universities, corporate campuses, stores, and private residences all over the world.

You can see photos and details of these installations on the Recent Projects Page.

Aqualens sphere fountains are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, and are designed to work well in both indoor and outdoor settings. As the globe in the fountain reflects it’s surroundings, Aqualens garden fountains enhance both modern and traditional garden settings.

While Aqualens fountains appear to be constructed using glass globes, the beautiful clear spheres I use are actually made of either free blown or bonded acrylic.

When it comes to water fountains and water features, glass isn’t all that it’s ‘cracked up’ to be. Acrylic has nearly the same optical qualities as glass while being less expensive, lighter-weight (so less expensive to ship), stronger, and less fragile.

Take a look at some of the photos on this page, and I think you’ll agree that acrylic spheres look every bit as impressive as glass spheres. In fact, they look exactly like a glass ball fountain. Click here to view more photos

Benefits of Acrylic Sphere Fountains vs. Glass Ball Fountains:

  • Acrylic is stronger than glass while also being as much as 4x lighter
  • It’s less expensive to form and replace large acrylic spheres for fountains than it is to create large glass spheres
  • Acrylic spheres weighs less and cost less to ship – and are much more likely to arrive in one piece
  • Acrylic is more easily scratched than glass, however it’s much easier to repair and to remove scratches from acrylic (there are many polishing kits available)
  • Impacts that only scratch acrylic are likely to break glass. Replacing a large glass sphere is very expensive. Polishing a scratch out of acrylic is inexpensive

The best part is that acrylic spheres are virtually indistinguishable from glass spheres. When the sphere fountains are in operation I think it’s next to impossible to tell.

Every water feature and water fountain on this site is constructed using an acrylic sphere – not a glass sphere. I think the pictures speak for themselves!

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