Aqualens in London Courtyard
This is such an unusual use of my Aqualens and I love all the mirrored reflections. It’s for a courtyard in London.
Current Projects, Exciting Announcements
I am currently working on The Holiday Inn in Dubai, Al Muthaida Twin Towers. UAE, Sberbank, Moscow, President Erdogan’s Turkish Palace, Stormont Hospital Group, Georgia. Nuttaly Hospice, GA, Four Seasons, Nevis, W.I., East Texas Medical center.
Christie’s Real Estate – Water Features: Going with the Flow in Garden Design
I was pleased to be featured in Christie's Real Estate Luxury Defined with so many of today's talented garden artisans. 'Water Features: Going with the Flow in Garden Design' includes my spherical Aqualens water sculpture made for Chelsea Flower Show. See the full article at
Concentric Circles in My Garden
I am so happy to have these in my beautiful garden in my U.S. home. I just sent one to a Norman Foster hotel in Crimea as well as one to Moscow. The circles can gently rotate and you're just not quite sure what is going on with the myriad of reflections until you get up close to it. More Photos
Berkshire, UK Aqualens Sphere Fountain
This is such a pretty setting for my Aqualens Sphere Fountain in a garden in Berkshire UK. It looks so inviting and I just want to take a cup of coffee and sit down next to it. More Images:
Nunnally House Aqualens Sphere Fountain
This beautiful Aqualens Orb Fountain is installed at Nunnally House, Brunswiick Georgia. It is part of the Southeast Georgia Health System. They have made it wheelchair accessible which is a lovely concept. Bryan wrote  - "Everyone loves the fountain and gardens! The outdoor areas for our cancer patients and families of critical care patients encompass three “rooms”; traditional patio with chairs, sofa, rockers, tables; fountain with seating around edge; landscape panels with bench seating beneath the Live Oaks." More Photos
Aqualens Sphere Fountain at Halloween
It’s Halloween again and also almost Guy Fawke’s. We take holiday’s seriously and thought we should start to share this. My Aqualens Orb Fountain is always transformed by it’s setting. Carved pumpkins and colored lights are no exception!
Quintessential English Garden Aqualens Sphere Fountain
Isn't this a gorgeous quintessential English garden. There is even sunshine which is so hard to achieve in the UK. It has all the perfect components. Box hedging, perfectly clipped, roses, alchemilla mollis, lavender, slate, stone walls and best of all, an Aqualens Sphere Fountain. Doesn't get much better than that.
Steel Eye in Nevis, West Indies
I am pleased that the Four Seasons in Nevis, West Indies has just ordered a Steel Eye Sculpture. They did this in the midst of the recent hurricane which I found staggering! Perhaps they ordered the Steel Eye in the eye of the hurricane...
Ashford Castle Aqualens Sphere Fountain
A client sent me this photo she took of my Aqualens Sphere Fountain from when she visited the beautiful Ashford Castle in Ireland I am pleased to say that she now wants a fountain of her very own and has just put in an order.
Dubai Aqualens
This is a project I did in Dubai. I love the way they have submerged the Aqualens Orb Fountain and given it such a dramatic theatrical setting. What is even nicer is that they have just ordered another sphere fountain for a different project. Stay tuned!
Screened In Aqualens
I received this stunning photo and text from a recent customer: "This artwork (the word 'fountain' is too dull to use) is a marvel to look at! I thought being under a screened enclosure would stunt its looks but I was wrong. It is centered on the house and anyone coming in the front door can see directly into the back area. Visitors walk right to it - not stopping for anything else. What a stunning piece! (Excuse the tiny plants, they need to fill in a bit but they will pretty much stay low to the ground.) Regards from [...]