Clear Lucite Summerhouse
David Austin had me design this very unique Lucite Summerhouse For a Chelsea Flower Show Garden several years back. Lucite is a clear form of Acrylic plastic - often called Acrylic Glass - that has the strength to form structures while being much lighter and easier to work with than glass. I bring this up because I just had someone commission a new Lucite Summerhouse! I'm so pleased as I love building art that's also a useable structure, and I especially love my summerhouse design. The new 'summerhouse' will be larger than the one I designed for the flower show, [...]
Ashford Castle Aqualens
I've been working with Red Carnation Hotels for 12 years - they're one of my oldest clients, and I'm so pleased that they continue to use me as their go-to person for sphere water fountains. They've just completed the installation of their 4th Aqualens at their Ashford Castle Property in Ireland (pictured at right and below). I'm really pleased with the setting of the fountain sitting high above the bay, and so proud to have my art visible at 4 of the Red Carnation Hotel properties around the world.
Hawaiian Double Cs
I recently sold a Double C sculpture to an Architect in Hawaii! I'm always excited when I sell one of my lesser-known pieces, and thrilled to have some of my art in a beautiful place like Hawaii. I'm hoping that the Architect will need my help installing the sculpture (a trip to Hawaii sounds great!), but I fear that they'll be able to install it themselves. :-) I love the reflections off my double C's. It's magical to walk around them and see the landscape and sunlight dance around in unexpected ways. This is one of the reasons I use [...]
Summer Lodge Country House – West Dorset
I've written about Red Carnation Hotels in the past as they feature several of my Aqualens Sphere Water Fountains on their properties. Today I thought I'd share this photo of my fountain at their Summer Lodge Country House Hotel in the picturesque village of Evershot, West Dorset. I love the way that they incorporated the fountain into the pool in the spa area - it's one of the more unique installations I've seen! In my first post on the Red Carnation Hotels I mentioned that they're adding even more of my fountains to other properties, and I'll share photos of [...]
Aqualens Wedding Reception
Garden parties are wonderful things - especially when you have a spectacular garden like this one! This garden belongs to a good customer of mine in the United Kingdom, and the photos were taken during his daughters wedding reception. I'm thrilled that he shared these wonderful photos with me - especially because I don't have many photos of my Aqualens with internal lighting. The Sphere Fountain creates a perfect focal point for his garden and I really like the way he set the dish at near ground level surrounded by brick. It's a nice way to add visual size to [...]
The Gallery at Westbury Plaza
I have a huge project launching soon! The Gallery at Westbury Plaza in on Long Island in New York is redoing their entrance and has chosen to incorporate both an Aqualens and a Moongate! This will be my first-ever Moongate installation in the United States, and it was challenging to find a shop that could build such a large stainless sculpture to spec - but I found one and we're moving forward. The moongate is a massive 15 feet tall, 15 feet wide, and has a 6-foot 6-inch opening in the middle that people can walk through. I'm very excited [...]
Norway Aqualens
I have a delightful new client who lives in Hamar Norway (less than an hour north of Oslo). She ordered an Aqualens from our UK offices, and then had someone come to the UK to pick up the fountain and bring it back to Norway! An impressive feat, as my fountains are pretty large and very heavy when packaged for transport. The garden she placed the fountain in is absolutely fantastic, and full of plants that aren't commonly seen in Europe or the United States, and that may only grow in the north. I love the way the fountain globe [...]
Red Carnation Hotels
Red Carnation Hotels are a collection of Sixteen luxury, award-winning, family owned and run boutique hotels located in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA, as well as a country gastro-pub in Dorset. Three of the Red Carnation hotels also have my sphere fountains on display, including the photo at the right which is located at The Old Government House Hotel and Spa in Guernsey set in the English Channel. I bring this up because Brian Brennan - Red Carnation Hotels Projects Director: Building & Design - has contacted me about adding an Aqualens to their Ashford Castle, [...]
Yeo Valley Organic Garden
I've been working with the folks at Yeo Valley in the UK for quite some time. They have a wonderful business and a beautiful website - - and they also have one of my fountains in their garden. Eileen at Yeo Valley sent me this photo, and this is my aquasphere in a new location. She was a bit hesitant to send the photo as the plants haven't had time to grow in around the fountain yet, but I think it's still spectacular so am sharing it anyway. I'll have Eileen send me another photo later in the year [...]
London Penthouse Aqualens
I'm loving all the customer Aqualens photos I've been receiving - please keep them coming! Today's photo is from a customer in London. They have a penthouse in London overlooking the River Thames and they opted to feature my Aqaulens on their deck. I think this is a particularly lovely setting for my Aqualens. You can tell that the fountain is beautifully maintained with the correct chlorine and boy does it pay off! It also goes to show that you can make any space stunning with a little planning, and my new, smaller Aqualens will fit in very small gardens [...]
Singapore Aqualens
I have a lovely client in singapore who sent me this photo. I love how she has placed my sphere fountain in her garden and gave it such great structure and presence. After all these years and after hundreds of fountain installation, I am always amazed at the difference each backdrop and setting makes. It gives each and every one of my fountains such a different feel, and it seems to me (even though it is essentially the same fountain) that they never looks the same twice. As I've said in past posts, I love seeing and featuring customer images, [...]
A Unique Addition to a Unique Home
Today I thought I'd share this wonderful photo of an installed Aqualens that was sent to me by one of my customers. Clearly they have a very unique vision for their home! The round entrances to the garden are perfectly offset by both the round shape of the lens as well as the round acrylic sphere on my fountain. As an artist I'm continuously surprised by the creative way's in which my art is integrated into other people's art - wether it be in a courtyard, a mall, or most often in a garden as in this photo. Thanks for [...]