Yeo Valley Organic Garden

Yeo Valley Aquasphere

Yeo Valley Organic Garden

Yeo Valley AquasphereI’ve been working with the folks at Yeo Valley in the UK for quite some time. They have a wonderful business and a beautiful website – – and they also have one of my fountains in their garden.

Eileen at Yeo Valley sent me this photo, and this is my aquasphere in a new location. She was a bit hesitant to send the photo as the plants haven’t had time to grow in around the fountain yet, but I think it’s still spectacular so am sharing it anyway.

I’ll have Eileen send me another photo later in the year when the plants have grown in more.

I really like the way the fountain is level with the ground. It gives a very unique appearance. You can tell that the folks at Yeo Valley know how to take care of a fountain!

For more information on Yeo Valley, you can also visit their main website – They run promotions and specials, so if you’re in the UK definitely check them out!

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