I am pitching for a large project in Greenwich UK.

They didn’t want the sculpture to take up any room, nor could it be moved – a tricky brief!

I wanted something that related to time for obvious reasons.

I came up with the idea of a wormhole shape, like the top of a french horn. I wanted it to be mirror polished stainless steel 12 foot (4 meter) diameter and 12 foot long and sunk into the ground. I want to cover it with glass so that you view it from above rather like The Louvre.

It was to represent losing time or distorted time like Alice falling down the rabbit hole or wormhole.

I was toying with putting a circular seating arrangement that was actually a sundial around it on the tip if they would let me have the space, but I doubt that will come off.

I’ll keep you updated – and if anyone else is interested in something similar, please contact me and let me know as I’d love to build it.

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