Whatley Manor Aqualens

Whatley Manor Aqualens

whatly-manor-aqualensOne of the fun things about designing a unique and desirable item like my Aqualens Sphere Fountain, is that after a while they seem to be everywhere!

Such is the case with Whatley Manor – “a beautifully restored Cotswold manor house hotel and spa that draws on creative talent from around the world to offer a supremely enjoyable and civilised experience.”

If you visit or stay at the Manor, my fountain is located in The Rose Garden which is enclosed within stone walls with “an elegant central fountain” – that would be my Aqualens Sphere Fountain – “which provides movement and two corner arbours provide an ideal hideaway for a quiet moment during a warm spring or summers day.”

Sounds lovely, and the gardens alone look like a great reason to stay at Whatley Manor! 🙂

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