Terrace Aqualens

Terrace Aqualens

Terrace Aqualens

Terrace AqualensWhile many of my clients place their sphere fountain in an open spot in their garden, others (like this one) literally designed their terrace around it!

Sue, from the UK, had this rather impressive round turret designed into their terrace to accommodate her new Aqualens, and I think it looks great. Note that it will have flowers and other plants planted around the base.

Unfortunately, during installation the electrician turned the water pump on and left it that way while the fountain was dry, and the water pump burned out (never run a water pump without water!).

Fortunately, the water pump is relatively inexpensive, and after receiving a new pump they have their fountain up and running perfectly.

When Sue sends me ‘final’ pictures with flowers, I’ll post them on my Facebook Page

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