I was first approached in Dec of 2012 to design something that had major Wow factor for the entrance to Frimley business park in Surrey UK.

This project took more than a year and a half to complete – making it one of the longest projects I’ve worked on! Much of that time was spent dealing with planning committees as a lot of consent is needed for a sculpture as large as the Moongate.

How large is the Moongate? It’s a whopping 15 feet in diameter and has a 7 foot high opening in the center!

My original concept for the Moongate was to have the entire sculpture sitting in a circular reflecting pool that you could walk through on a central walkway but sadly the project went over budget (and time!).

Moongate Manifesto

When I was asked to design a sculpture for Frimley Park, I was delighted to notice that this project was being orchestrated by 3 women. It brought home to me how far women had come in my lifetime and I wanted to create something that would reflect and celebrate this.

The moon is an obvious choice to symbolize the feminine, but made of polished steel, it resembles the moon but is durable and strong as we have hade to be.

It has a gateway through it to allow for entry into other realms. Women are intuitive and need to be able to access both the spiritual and the very practical world.

As a child I remember visiting a garden that had a “moon gate” in their brick wall. I was small enough to be able to lay in its supporting arc and wonder at such a beautiful gate that had such a wonderful name. The name never left me and seemed appropriate for this piece.

As I was making it, I thought that in reality it wasn’t just for women – that it should represent all humankind in this 21st century. I would like to think we are all ever evolving as time marches on.

Another epithet I saw given to the moon was the reflector of higher verities.

It should represent mankind’s gateway to his perfection, pursuing higher verities and the upward spiral of his evolution.

I believe art should represent and reflect the highest potentials of mankind, bringing beauty and truth to the material world!

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