Moongate at Sberbank Corporate University

Moongate at Sberbank Corporate University

Sberbank MoongateI have just finished making a Moongate for the Sberbank Corporate University in Moscow.

You can see the photos of it at the right in the workshop with Martin in front of it.

Martin has been helping me to make all my sculptures for over 16 years now and is a most amazing person and craftsman.

This 5 meter or 15 foot sculpture is a monster to deal with. Just lifting it off it’s side is an almost impossible feat as it weighs many tons and is so large.

It needs a police escort any time it is transported by truck!!

The logistics of getting it crated and shipped to Moscow are a nightmare.

I would like to mention and thank Alex for welding it and Angelo who did an absolutely stunning job of polishing it.

I can’t wait to see it in it’s final home and when I have photos of it there, I will mention it’s inspiration and hopefully raison d’etre.

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