Massive Custom Aqualens in London

Massive Aqualens

Massive Custom Aqualens in London

Massive AqualensIf you follow me on Facebook, you saw my recent post about the massive Stainless Steel Dish on this Aqualens in London.

I promised more information, but other than this batch of pictures I don’t know much about the location unfortunately. What I do know is that the fountain is placed in the midst of one of the most impressive gardens I’ve ever seen. It’s really something else!

I also know that the lens (Stainless Steel Dish) on this fountain is a whopping 9 feet wide!! That’s 2.74 Meters in diameter – far and away the largest stainless steel dish I’ve ever had made for one of my Aqualenses.

This was a custom request (of course), but now that I see it in real life, I’m going to be showing this fountain to other prospective clients as I think it’s really something special!

Yes, the larger lens does cost more than the traditional size. If you’re interested in something similar – or if you’d like to know how much a fountain like this costs, please contact me for a quote.

Fortunately I have many good photos. Please click the thumbnails below for the full-size images.

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