Lawn Tennis Aqualens

Aqualens Parterre

Lawn Tennis Aqualens

Aqualens ParterreLook in the far distance and you’ll see an Aqualens Sphere Fountain in this photo. This particular fountain is located in the United Kingdom, and it’s a large fountain with a full 2-meter base (Almost 7 feet in diameter), even though it looks much smaller in the photo.

From thew owners: “As you can see, the fountain is located at the far end of a croquet or lawn tennis court and it creates a focal point for the vista from the bench on their parterre.” (a parterre is a formal garden constructed on a level surface, consisting of planting beds, typically in symmetrical patterns, separated and connected by gravel pathways.)

I’ll say that it’s one of the more unique placements I’ve seen for a fountain. I wonder how many errant shots have ended up in the stainless steel dish!

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