Kent, UK Double Cs

Double Cs

Kent, UK Double Cs

Double CsI’m so pleased – I just received a call from a new client located in Kent, UK. They ordered my Double Cs sculpture (picture at right) to be installed in their garden!

What a beautiful setting it is too – it’s an extensive English-style garden. I’ll share pictures once the Double Cs have been installed, as the picture at right is my own sculpture.

While I love receiving orders for my Aqualens Sphere Fountains, I think I love receiving orders for my lesser-known sculptures even more because they add such a unique component to a landscape. The reflection from the polished Stainless makes for an interesting display of light and colors, and the shape both stands out and blends in with the surrounding garden.

Watching how my art interacts and integrates with each of my client’s gardens is what keeps me excited about my next project – and drives me to create new and wonderful things!

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