Featured in Santa Barbara Home & Garden Magazine

Featured in Santa Barbara Home & Garden Magazine


[mks_one_half]My Aqualens Sphere Fountain is featured in the ‘Monumental Women’ section of the current issue of Santa Barbara Home & Garden Magazine.

The text reads:

“Water Work – ALLISON ARMOUR is renowned internationally for her iconic Aqualens fountains, a meditative sculpture that garnered a silver medal at London’s prestigious Chelsea Flower Show in 2000. Hundreds of Aqualens fountains have been installed at private homes, hotels, and public institutions in far-flung locations from Europe to East Asia. Currently, Armour’s recent large-scale metal sculptures appear likely to become as coveted as her Aqualens.”

I’m very pleased with how the feature turned out, as we were able to use a recent Aqualens photo I took as the sun was rising (pictured).[/mks_one_half]




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