New Testimonial From Doug

New Testimonial From Doug


Every now and again I receive unsolicited testimonials from my customers. I thought it would be nice to share those testimonials in my blog both to mix things up and to give a perspective on my art other than mine.

My favorite testimonials include photos of my art in a clients garden, and today I received a testimonial from Doug – and he included a wonderful picture of the Aqualens in his beautiful garden.

This is what he wrote:

“The Aqualens which we purchased from sculptural artist Allison Armour adds a wonderful feature in our Garden.

The simplicity of the design, the clever use of materials and water form a tranquil feature through which to view the garden.

At night the built in light forms a column through the globe which gives the Aqualens an ethereal quality. All in all a very clever and classical art work

We would not be without it!

Thanks Allison.”

I’m fortunate to have such wonderful customers – thanks Doug!

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