Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital

Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital

Aqualens-Print-1Earlier in the year I read that Cottage Health Systems, located in Goleta CA, was going to “completely rebuild Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital. The new hospital will provide enlarged emergency care and surgical capabilities, an expanded Center for Wound Management, and a more efficient, patient-centered design to ensure medical excellence close to home for generations to come. Importantly, the new GVCH features a flexible design to accommodate future growth.”

Added to that, they were seeking sculptures, art, and water features from local artists via a ‘Call to Art’.

They had a very specific submission format that appeared to be (and was) time consuming, and having applied for these in the past I knew it might be a complete waste of time, but as they were looking for local art I felt that I had a good chance and worked with my virtual assistant to put the package together.

After several months of no word, I recently received an email from GVCH, and I was delighted to hear that one of my sculptures has been chosen!

I don’t know what piece yet, however we’ll be working on that project this fall and winter (the advantages of being in the Santa Barbara area!), and the project should be complete within the next year. I can’t wait!

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