Aqualens Sphere Fountain in Melbourne Beach, Florida

Aqualens Sphere Fountain in Melbourne Beach, Florida

fountain-on-pillarThis Aqualens Orb Fountain is located in a beautiful setting in Melbourne Beach, FL.

I really like the way they mounted the fountain on a raised base, as it makes it more of a centerpiece for the terrace, while also making it more visible from the seating area and inside. Lovely.

Here’s what the owner had to say:

“The deck is over our garage area on the front of the house that faces West. Many times we can capture the red of the sunset in the globe. It makes for a beautiful scene.”

The owner contacted me as he’s interested in retrofitting a light into his fountain. This can be done, but as it requires additional wiring and drilling, it’s much easier to order the fountain with a light already installed – which is why I always recommend including this option on new fountains.

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