Allison Armour on Google

Allison Armour on Google

mobile2Have you ever searched for yourself on Google? If you’re in business there’s a good chance that other people are searching for you on Google, so it’s not a bad idea to check and see what the big G has to say about you.

Imagine my surprise when one of the first search results wasn’t just good, but was a glowing review of my work!

The blog is written by Kate Walsh, and you can read her impressions here:

Some highlights:

“The other day I was at The Galleria shopping mall in Edina. As I strolled down the hallway, my attention was caught by a large, spherical fountain. I immediately went to see it up close. It was beautiful!

I asked Andrea, a massage therapist at the salon, about the fountain. She told me it was created by Allison Armour. I had suspected as much since I had written about her fountains and garden art some time ago . . . It was such a pleasure to see her work in person.”

Thanks for your review Kate!

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