Orb Fountains & Orb Water Fountains

I’ve been designing orb fountains and orb water fountains ever since my award winning garden at the 2000 Chelsea Garden Show. I call my Orb Fountains an ‘Aqualens’, as I place the clear acrylic orb over a large stainless steel lens.

My orb fountains are both durable and beautiful, and they’re suitable for a wide style of gardens, retail spaces, hotels, and especially homes.

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My Orb Fountains Are:

  • Constructed of acrylic, which is stronger than glass while also being much lighter
  • Include Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Dish
  • Available with internal light kits so your orb fountain glows at night
  • Can be made in practically any size


Every sphere water feature and orb water fountain on this site is constructed of Stainless Steel with an acrylic sphere – I think the pictures speak for themselves! You can see hundreds of fountains owned by happy customers on my recent projects page.

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