Mobile is a three-bar arrangement of triangular stainless steel shapes that create a kaleidoscope as they move. In our garden, it is hung from a tree branch.

This was such fun to design and it’s one of my favorites – do I say that about all of them??

I knew I had to get the design and weight just right or it wouldn’t hang properly and balance. I decided that if I used a consistent modeling source that if I did the mockup in foam core and it balanced, it still would if it was made of stainless steel. I am happy to say that I was right.

I played around for days until I had the finished project. I hung it on an old oak tree and it was rather like a girl putting on her earrings. It has never stood still since and continues to give great please – flashing rays of sunlight all over the ground around it and even through the windows of the house nearby.